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On Medical Ethics (Introduction to Ethics)        DEC '98

On Naturopathy (The Career Page Project for College Success)        DEC '98

On African Drumming his tory/ her itage (African Ensemble Drumming)        NOV 2K

On Music and Medicine (Combining Two Loves)     SEP '99

On the Cultural Context of Djembe Rhythms     14 OCT 99

On Motivation (General Psychology)     JUL '99


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Abundance   08 OCT 2K4

Astrologic Confirmation of Healing and Spiritual Talent   17 OCT 2K4

Attune Mints?   05 OCT 2K4

The Big Picture   16 MAR 2K4

Bio   25 AUG 2K4

Can Others Steal Our Energy?   25 OCT 2K4

DjembEthics   10 OCT 2K3

Drop Shipping Time-Release Reiki   11 OCT 2K4

Drum Reiki   10 SEP 2K4

Drumming 'n Drugs: Drum Circles   16 AUG 2K1

Drumming 'n Drugs: Shamanism   16 NOV 2K4

Drumming Peace 101   25 JUN 2K2

Flow   8 MAY 2K3

N.B. (no·ta be·ne)   15 DEC 2K4

Grounding   24 OCT 2K4

Guidance   18 NOV 2K4

HappyShel Eulogy   11 OCT 2K9

Hospice in Vermont   27 OCT 2K4

Insurance   28 SEP 2K4

J.R.R. Tolkein   28 OCT 2K4

Kim Saretsky Endlich Eulogy   22 AUG 2K9

Medicine Buddha Mantra   08 OCT 2K4

Melodic Instruments at a Drum Circle   23 OCT 2K3

Olga Taylor Clark Eulogy   18JAN2K9

One Art   3 JAN 2K5

Ordination   10 SEP 2K4

Papa Ladji Camara Eulogy   23 OCT 2K4

Pain   10 SEP 2K4

Peanut Gallery   25 SEP 2K1

Permission to Heal   09 OCT 2K4

Prana & Reich   28 OCT 2K4

Prayer   10 SEP 2K4

Protection   07 OCT 2K4

Random Thoughts   16 NOV 2K4

Reiki.4.Life   My Ministry

Reiki Answered Questions   26 Aug 2K4

Reiki Fear   24 OCT 2K4

Reiki Flavors: Energy Healing and Bio-Energetics Modalities   Begun SEP 2K4 Updated as information surfaces

Effects of Becoming Reiki Master   08 OCT 2K4

Reiki Holy Water   19 JUN 2K5

Reiki Research   11 OCT 2K4

SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder   21 OCT 2K4

Sai Baba Mantra   09 OCT 2K4

Search and Rescue   22APR2011

The Shadow Knows   13 OCT 2K4

Shy   21 OCT 2K4

Sound   09 NOV 2K4

Sticky Wicket: Breaking Sticks   6 DEC 2K1

Stupidity   16 NOV 2K4

Symbols   24 OCT 2K4

The Tao of Bevis & Butthead   31 DEC 2K4

Tradition v. Improv   19 FEB 2K6

Voices   29 AUG 2K1

Warts & All   21 OCT 2K4

What Are You?   5 JUN 2K3

From Other Folks

Handing Anger Assertively    By Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D.   NOV 2K4

The Hurricane Attunement   By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren   03 OCT 2K4

Wildflowers by Milton Redman

Be a Genius...Be Patient! by Steve Goodier   2K4

Tibetan Yoga    29JUN2K5

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