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Noto bene: This vestigal webpage dates from Oct 1999, and perhaps it needs to come down, and yet there is a lot of information that is still valid, the names remain unchanged while the links... when I was a kid we used to say "Well, you can't get there from here 'cause they moved the road." This old joke is even more pointed it the modern setting, ay? If a particular link doesn't work anymore it is my hope that folks will do a cursor search on the name of the entity they want to reach and find the new eddress for a legacy resource.

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My Instruments




African Music

African music & dance, education and performance. Ladzekpo, C. K. African Music and Dance provided by the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies of the University of California at Berkeley (8 December 1998) C. K. Ladzekpo's website for the African Music and Dance portion of this respected institution is a wealth of information in a stunning variety of formats. Text, graphics, video, and sound files make for a rich environment to learn about the Ewe and other African peoples. This quote from their mission statement says it all " We promote, produce and present the creative interaction between music and technology. A satellite of the UC Berkeley Department of Music , CNMAT is an interdisciplinary research center, drawing participants from many university departments including physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, psychology, computer science, cognitive science and music. "

African Music @

African Music Productions offers African, Caribbean, Reggae & Martinique Music & Dance Videos

L'Afrique Francophone Virtuelle Tourist

Afro-Caribbean Musics

Afrocuba de Matanzas AfroCuba Web   AfroCuban culture - Yoruba - Congo - Dahomey - Abakwa - Bricamo

Akan Cultural Symbols Project

P.O.Box 429
Waterbury, VT; 05676
[phone-1.800.541.9904] Eclectic mix of recordings.

All One Tribe Foundation [phone-1.800.442.DRUM]

Ancient Future world music group

Art and Life in Africa Project

AspenTradingPost Contemporary Native American Music.

ASU Research: The Sound of Sound


AWARE RECORDS [phone-1.800.AWA.RE65]

Ayotte Drums


Babylon's End Percussion
8830 E. Bend Road
Burlington, KY 41005
Phone: (606) 689-5275

Backroads Music's Heartbeats Catalogue
418 Tamal Plaza
Corte Madera, CA; 94925

Mike Balter Mallets

The Baltimore International Rhythm and Drumming Society, Inc.

Bluewater Climbing, Mountain, Rock climbing, rapelling Equipment Awesome Cordage

Bushman Drums Handcrafted Conga, Ashiko, and Bongo Drums



Trinidad Calypso Tent Check this kule bibliography.

Carousel Music Publications Billy Cauley Cedar Mountain Drums business and spirituality

Afro-Caribbean Musics


Classics World [phone-1.800.888.8574]
( Classical music from BMG/Catalyst Records. )

Conundrum Music, Inc.


The Cure


Dance of the Soul

> > > > > > > DIDJERIDU <<<<<<<

1.5 Meters long with I.D. of 3 to 6 Centimeters
3.0 Meters long with I.D. of 7 to ? Centimeters

-Clarion Music Center
861 Sacramento ST.
San Francisco, CA; 94108
[fax-1.415.391.3716] [Hours MW:11-4; T,Th,F:11-6; Sa:9-4]

-Silver Bush Productions
P.O.Box 541-NAJ
Forest Knolls, CA; 94933


> > > > > > > Djembe <<<<<<<


Frequently Asked/Answered Questions for the listservice Djembe-L
Weisman, HappyShel ed. Djembe-L FAQ   The Djembe-L FAQ is the single most content heavy repository of information on the djembe drum (a west African goblet shaped drum) and hand drumming on the web. There are subject headings on the index page that define nearly every aspect of this art form.

The links page is the most complete of any in the world. as of OCT 1999 had ~360 subscribers around the world on every continent. The archives of the previous incarnation of the list a treasure trove of information that dated, from August 1994 to January 1999 has since found lodging elsewhere. The more recent archives were found on the ONElist server subsequently swallowed by Yahoo groups. I myself belong to this list in the capacity of Captain of the moderation staff, "The Mod Squad" and am a frequent poster. I also served on the Guidelines Committee in the drafting of netiquette boundaries that could not be crossed without banishment from the list. This was necessitated by a few rowdy folks with dull axes to grind that could not, apparently, post in a civil manner. I have contributed to the FAQ subject of Hand Care (for more on this subject see my article Music and Medicine) and have the dubious distinction of having a rant in Djembe-L's Hits and Misses. When the new incarnation of the list made the move to OneList due to the Honorable Steve Tierra stepping down as list owner, the move was initiated and facillitated by HappyShel. Happy honored me by requesting that I co-moderate it with him as I am able. To join the Djembe-L listserv please visit the homepage for the WebRing I created for the list, where you may find consoles for joining Many other hand drumming listservs, also.

Other Djembe Related Sites


Djembe Dot Com

DJEMBE.COM Bambara initiation

The Djembe Performance Page

Djembe Drums - Djembe African drums. Handmade ethnic percussion. Large size Djembe, Kpanlogo, Bougarabou. Free shipping. Direct producers.

Djembe - Rythm - Traditional - Mandingue


Djembe: Drum with A Thousand Faces

Mamady Keita - Homepage officielle
MAMADY KEITA & SEWA KAN:Wassolon (Percussions Malinke)

Chris Southall UK Shamanic Drummer and Djembe Maker

djembe drums from Ghana for sale

Dr Clave


Quick and Dirty Guide to the Doumbek

Dan Sterantino's DrumCalc : A nifty freeware tool for the building of staved Djembes and Ashikos (actually could be used to build any stave cylinder drum using equal values for top and bottom, I also use it to lay out my knot pattern for the harness on the rings as well) available by his kindness and generosity for distribution from "Signa Phi Nothing"
Download DrumCalc and Download the HTML manual too!

Drummers Web

Drumming relieves stress article

Drums and Drumming


Drunken Penguin Drum Shop


Earth Drum Council

Earth Rhythms

Earthshaking Music

East African Music Page

Electra/Sire Records



Computer Music
MP3 Heaven The unbiased and ultimate list of MP3z sites.

c0's Paradise

Attila's Punk MIDI Music

Ultimate MIDI Page - MP3, VQF, AAC, MP4 Information

GoLive CyberStudio

CrackedAss Zine

My Midi Page!!

The WDVL   Classical MIDI Jukebox

¤j±ÆÀÉ Dunno it is in Japanese

John's Ethnic Music Store!


Society for Ethnomusicology


South African Journal of Musicology

EOL Home Site

Ethnomusicology Research Digest

British Journal of Ethnomusicology


Francophone African Poets in English translation

EVERYONES DRUMMING Music Yellow Pages Online

Exhibition of Knots


> > > > > > > FLUTES <<<<<<<

Market: 'Amon' and 'Bamboo' }

Full Circle Handcrafted Ceramic Drums!


Global Village Artists

Mayor Gourdlove's Drum Club

The Grateful Dead

Groth Music - Percussion


Guitar Player Online - Archives


Hamza El Din

Hand Drumming

Harmony Central: Drums: Manufacturers

Harp Depot specializes in harmonicas and harmonica accessories, and is a secondary seller of accordions, guitars, hand drums, mandolins, banjos, and appropriate accessories at low and discount prices.
Doc Belcher, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Buckeye Trading Inc.
170 Fairfax Road, Marion, Ohio 43302
Phone: (866) 616-4277; Fax: (740) 223-1415

Mickey Hart : Supralingua

Rhythm For Life (Hart)

Nel's has original clay pottery sculpture, vessels, drums, and jewelry
with goddess, animal, and shamanic themes.

Healing Earth Drums

Heart Beats Newsletter

Ubaka Hill

The Hip Rhythm Digest

Hollyhock Holistic Center and Island Retreat ( Cortes Island, B.C. Canada )
African Drumming and Frame Drumming


House of Blues  




International Music Instrument Outlet SPECIALS

Internationale Trommelworkshops


Dr. Kwasi Jayourba (KNOWS Drums)
Appointment [phone-1.412.241.2420][fax-1.412.241.2446] Master Drummer that Repairs Drums in PGH area.


Kalani's Home Page

Knock on Wood - Percussion - Africa


P.O.Box 3124
Durham, NC; 27715-3124
[phone-1.919.383.8773 or 1.800.634.6044]

Lark In The Morning
Lark In The Morning Musique Shoppe San Francisco
Latin rhythms

Latitude Music The Brazilian, Cuban, Latin music directory

L.A. Live rock & roll site.

African drumming instrument sales and repair. Baba Leon Larson , L.J. Percussion (8 December 1998) This is the commercial website of my instructor at Santa Fe Community College. He primarily sells his handiwork of reconditioned and reworked African drum shells. In addition, he offers repair work and new sales of the several manufacturers that he represents. The prices from a personal comparison with other sites are competitive and the quality of his wares is unmatched due to his extremely conscientious nature and attention to detail.

Hal Lefferts Contemporary Folk Singer

Live Radio on the Internet

Lost Treasures - Egyptian Imports


Mabiba and Fred

Baile' (pronounced: by-lay) Mcknight
7816 Cryden Way
Forestville, Maryland; 20747
[phone-1-800-861-DRUM (3786)][fax-1.301.736.7721] For a beautiful djembe, he also makes djundjuns, talking drums, shakeres etc.

Michael Markus Drumming instruction extrodinaire from Guinea, West Africa lineage.



This Olde Marimba Part One: "How to Build Your Own Marimba" These videotape guides to marimba construction lead the beginning instrument builder through all the steps in the construction of a soprano marimba based on the style developed at the Kwanongoma College of Zimbabwe, Africa. In Part One, the student builder is guided through the process of selecting wood at the lumberyard, determining the dimensions of the keys, tuning the undercuts, and construction of the frame.Approximate running time, Part One: 2 hours, 30 minutes -- $35.00 (including postage within the United States.)

This Olde Marimba Part Two:"Resonator Tubes and Inlays" Part Two details the steps in building the buzzy resonator tubes that are characteristic of this instrument, and shows the builder how to make inlays with the beauty of ivory at a fraction of the cost, using an ivory substitute. In addition to the instructions, these two videotapes include four musical segments: Boka Marimba playing two versions of "Laurelhurst" and segments of "Kapotso" and "Chipendani." Approximate running time, Part Two: 44 minutes Part Two -- $25.00 (including postage within the United States.)

Two tape set -- $50.00 (including postage within the United States.)

Fred King has played Zimbabwean music since 1990. He studied with Dumi Maraire, Alport Mhlanga and other Zimbabwean masters. A marimba builder since 1991, he owns and operates Fredtronics Custom Marimbas, a company that
has built marimbas for several professional marimba ensembles and school groups throughout the United States. The videotapes have been used successfully by many experienced and beginning builders to make marimbas. Fred's approach to marimba construction and teaching the craft of marimba building combines a rare mixture of a scientific understanding of the
principles of sound production, an appreciation of the spiritual significance of the music, and the practical use of easily available tools. < >

At this same site I found that MyLinda King, eight-year member of Portlandís popular marimba band, BOKA MARIMBA teaches classes in her area < > and has undescribed instructional materials, as well.

A link from this site led to Dandemutande (a non-profit resource for Zimbabwean music & culture provided by Paul Novitski) that has a moderated & customizable listserv for announcements and discussion of the music, a resource guide, a magazine including an article on wood selection for marimba construction, and a catalog that offers books and instructional materials on construction and design and much more.

I compiled a annotated list of verified links from the rest of my results from Copernic 99 software...

1. Acoustics of Marimba (Greg
Merrill)< > and a loosely related and interesting link...
1.1 Acoustical Society of America 133rd Meeting Lay Language Papers
< >
2. Greg Latta's Marimba Page for beginners
< >
3. Laurence Kaptain, Professor of Percussion, Conservatory of Music,
University of Missouri, at Kansas City has a virtual museum of Mexican
marimba < >
4. Power Marimbas in Grahamstown, South Africa, makes and sells marimbas and laminated drums. < >
5. Gene and Peggy Bard's home page with instructions on how to build a
marimba. < >
6. C. Alan Publications, a supplier of orchestral percussion ensemble
compositions and study materials
< > and in the same vein 6.1 Row-Loff Productions Concert Percussion Library < >
7.  Performance group: Shumba Marimba Song Sampler with soundfiles
consisting of 8-bit mono WAV files recorded at 11kHz. Each selection is
approximately 30 seconds long and .34M in size.
< >
8. The Marimba by Peter De Gersem a fairly basic explanation page
< >
9. Music Education Online has a search engine for music teachers by
zipcode/distance/instruction level/type of music including world/ethnic
< >
10. A commercial site selling handmade marimbas
< >
11. Vibraphone and Marimba Amplification and MIDI Systems
< > they also have miking systems for drums! < >
12. Modern marimba orchestral site, with Real Audio files
< >
13. Marimba design? < >
14. Jiti is fast and wild and since the sixties it is the rural Rock and Roll of Zimbabwe. < > 15. Mbira, marimba, Chimurenga, and other topics of Zimbabwe< >

Paolo Mattioli & African Percussion


There are many mbira makers, sellers, and teachers around the world listed in The Dandemutande Resource Guide, these were suggested by  Paul Novitski :

Zimbabwean mbira makers :

Tute Chigamba
No. 4734, Zororo
Harare, Zimbabwe

Josephat Mandaza
No. 743 Kukumbira Road
St. Maryís
Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Chris Mhlanga
PO Box HD 127
Harare, Zimbabwe

Fradreck Mujuru
3242 Glen Norah 'A'
Harare, Zimbabwe

Rinos Mukuwurirwa ('Simboti')
136 Muonde Road
Harare, Zimbabwe

Mbira importer :

Erica Azim
MBIRA Non-Profit
PO Box 7863
Berkeley, CA 94707-0863
phone 1 (510) 548-6053

North American mbira makers :

Richard Selman
10 Oak Meadow Drive
Leeds, AL 35094
phone 1 (205) 699-8188

Dan Pauli
129 Huddleson
Santa Fe NM 87501
phone 1 (505) 983-4426

Len Nicoll
S10 C4 RR10 Blewett Road
Nelson BC V1L 4H6, Canada
phone 1 (250) 352-5965
fax 1 (250) 354-4183

At the International African Music Library they are constructing a focus page on Mbira.

Tambours - Moperc Drums

Motherland Music Imported African Musical Instruments Motherland Music Services Page

Moshe Pit Online

Music - Arkadia Linques

Music Catalog - African Drumming

Musically Speaking
215 W. Harrison ST
Seattle, WA; 94119
Classical music club.

Music For People

Musicians United for Superior Education

Music Therapy
Music Therapy Resources
Music Therapy Info Link
Music Therapy Links
Institute for Music and Neurologic Function
American Music Therapy Association

"The Power of Music as a Coping Skill" Examines the power of music as a coping skill. Examples of popular music which can be used in therapy. Includes information about Freudian Slip, therapeutic rock band.


NTAMA  Journal of African Music and Popular Culture

Rhythm Notation

YAPP Yet Another Percussion Page

Groove Library (Graphical Notation, No Frames)

NOVICA   Arts&Crafts from World Artists

Nubia Speaks


Ommadawn's International Drum Circle Directory

Orion Drums Ashikos, Djembes, Bohdrans and more.



191 Documents about 'percussion'
Percussion Things
The rhythm page, not only for hand drumming

PulseWave Percussion

A History of Drums

Percussive Arts Society

Pink Floyd links


Polyrhythmic Temple

Precision Drum Company

Prelude Music Therapy

Pulse Percussion     Ashikos and other Hand Drums

Putumayo World Music
627 Broadway 8th Floor
New York, NY; 10012
[phone-1.212.995.9400 or 1.800.995.9588]
" Guaranteed to make you and your customers feel good! "



Raven Recording - About Gabrielle Roth

Layne Redmond


Mailorder sources for reggae

Box 42517 Attn: Smitty
Washington, DC 20015
phone 301-588-5135
This is the biggest and probably best source for reggae in the US

Box 399 Attn: Charlie
Lakebay WA 98349
phone 206-884-2738

Coxsones' Music City
3135 Fulton St.
Brooklyn NY 11208
phone 718-277-4166 source for Studio One and Treasure Isle. claims prompt mail order service, although that's not true from people I've talked to.

ON U Sound
Box 1460
London N10 2DQ
carries most Adrian Sherwood productions which can be hard to find .

Dub Vendor
274 Lavender Hill Clapham Junction
London SW 11 1lj
tel: 0181-758-2301 credit cards: 0181-758-6218

Roundup Records (Heartbeat)
PO Box 154
Cambridge, MA 02140-0900

Ernie B's Reggae
PO Box 5019
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762-5019
[1.916-939.0691][FAX: 1.916-939.0578] Excellent source of UK Imports.

Allen Kaatz
6920 Roosevelt Way NE #135
Seattle WA 98115 USA

Imhoteps Records & Tapes/Cds
734 N.W. 62 St
Miami, Fl 33150
[PH (305)754-1624][fax(305)758-7617]

Tower Records PHONE ORDER (US): 1-800-648-4844

Greensleeves mail order
Unit 14, metro centre, st johns road
isleworth, middlesex tw7 6nj
[tel: 0181-758-2301][fax: 0181-758-0811]

Indo Inc., 352 Seventh Ave. Suite 727, New York, NY 10001
[Phone: 212-631-7418][Fax: 212-631-7438] Ask for Bud.

Aquarius Records (Half Way Tree) Inc., 9487 SW Colonial Drive,
Miami, FL 33157, [Tel 800-747-0760][fax 305/232-9845]

Crucial Riddims , 6116, Albany, CA. 94706-0116


Keeling's Reggae Video in NYC at 212/283-5825. They have a great selection and a mail order service.

Robert Schoenfeld c/o Nighthawk Records
P.O. Box 15856, St. Louis, MO. 63114 USA
[Tel: 314-576-1569][Fax: 314-576-6960]
Oldest source of original JA 45's. 10+ years of service to collectors worldwide. Great selection, 1000's of titles.

One Drop Records , 514 Florida Ave. NW, Washington D.C. 20001
[1.202.328.9522 or 1.800.4RE.GGAE]

The UCLA Marcus Garvey papers project

Dread Times - indeed!

links to other Reggae sites:
listed alphabetically
Afroreggae homepage Europe (Germany) - was ist los?
Bob Marley's 50th birthday - tons of information
Bob Marley Gallery - pix galore
Bush Doktor homepage - visit the doktor - Jah Radio
Cool Reggae runnings - live from the south side of Chicago!
Cyber Dancehall - Dancehall charts, artists, etc.
Dubb Woofa (Germany) - is this site still active?
Electronic Wailers discography (Sweden) - if the wailers recorded it, it's here
Hard Edge Reggae page (UK) - sloooow server - dancehall/rap
Half Pint - Level the Vibes...the first site devoted to Half Pint!
Igziabeher - Rasta people must live on!
Jah Red's page - a beautiful site, nice artwork
Jammin Reggae archives - the know them, you love them
Joshua B - the "First Class" radio show, reviews, etc.
Keita Maeda's page (Japan) - the only source for Japanese Reggae info
Massive Tunes - Guyana tings/special WI interest
Natty Dread server (Japan) - Michio's WWW server - Jr. Rankin' rules!
One Drop - Your reggae Connection to the Caribbean
Ras John - the Reggae Road - with Roger Steffens columns
"Rasta Rat" - home of the "voice of thunder" Prince Far I
Raggamuffin page (Germany) - what's happening in Duetschland? (usenet newsgroup)
Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide - forward the Reggae vibe...everytime!
Reggae down babylon - links, links, and more links
Roots and Culture - for Ethiopians at home and abroad
Romy Dee Los Angeles Reggae/Hip Hop artist is new on the web...check him out
Ras Adam has some excellent pics of His Majesty! a slow server, but worth the wait.
Romy Dee Los Angeles Reggae/Hip Hop artist is new on the web...check him out
The unofficial Bob Marley homepage - lyrics, pics and sound samples
The Virtual Niabinghi - a chapter a day, the "Virtual" way
400 years - online mag

related sites and bands...

Thanks for a great deal of help with the links:

REI Institute

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rhythm Fusion   Musical Instruments from Around the World

Rhythm Makers of Eureka Springs, Arkansas

RHYTHM MUSIC Magazine 872 Mass. AVE.; 2-2
P.O.Box 391894 from Cambridge, MA; 02139
[phone-1.617.497.0955] $20/yr.

Rhythm Notions drum covers to protect hand drums


The Rhythm Tree

Rhythm Web   World rhythms, World music... Eric Stuer's excellent site.
Drum Circle at Rhythm Web and Berber Music

RiverMans Drums

Konrad Rozumkiewicz


SABAR ethnic musical instruments: djembés, didgeridoos ...

Sacred Spirit Music
Box 1030D Shaker RD.
New Lebanon, NY; 12125

Samite of Uganda   African Musician and Songwriter

Silver Bush World Music   Drums, skins, &tc.

Silver Wave Records
P.O.Box 7943
Boulder, CO; 80306
[fax-1.303.443.0877][ e-mail ]

Singing Drum Doorway

SLIDER Ergonomic dual shoulder straps for guitars, bass, banjo, sax & percussion.

Smithsonian Folkways World Music

P.O. Box 2644, San Anselmo, CA; 94979-2644
[phone-1.800.909.0707] and [ NEW URL? ]

SYNCHRONICITY Brother Charles' meditation music



Bibliography of Tabla Works - Batish Institute
Tzara's Tabla Home Page
The Tabla Site - an information source for the North Indian tabla

Texas Drums Community Web Page


Therapies, Techniques and Theories 2

Triloka Records
306 Catron, Santa Fe, NM; 87501,




Village Drum




West Music.

White Cliffs Media,Inc. , Publisher
P.O.Box 433
Tempe, AZ; 85280
[phone orders-1.800.359.3210]
'The Performance in World Music Series' Retail Book trade: SCB Distributers- [phone-1.800.729.6423]
Compact Discs distributed by: Allegro Corporation-

Musicians Cris Williamson and Tret Fure
SEE file: { Educate: Holistic Studies -Hollyhock } for onsite workshop.

World Music performance and education . World Music Institute (8 December 1998) This Website is one of the most innovative and visually appealing of ANY. The content is not extensive, it is basically a standing marquee for the performances it hosts, and the design and photographic excellence involved in its presentation make it well worth the visit. World Music Institute

World Music Store: Browsing Africa

Winebottles rock group Also here is their address
Red Garage Recordings
401 Eland Village Suite 301
Phoenixville, PA; 19460


  Yendor Drums
Hand Drum Gallery and Drum Works featuring African percussion
Les Zoulousains


Un Cat aLogged


The Evolution of Drums, part of the TLM Workshop Series...

General Decorum


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Free Sound Search Results

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