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Being the primarily hand drumming community
of the diaspora of the original Djembe-L and Beyond.

Djembe-L was begun in the mid nineties as an unmoderated listserv by a student of Eric Charry at the University of Washington (UW). When that student moved on Eric took over the administration of it. Subsequently he passed the torch to Steve Tierra with HappyShel Weisman soon taking the job as webmaster to the FAQ. This is about the point I joined.

Then some folks with dull axes to grind of a political nature found that they were unable to correspond without venom laced with racial and gender bashing vitriol aimed at the mostly male and white folks that were affluent enough to own computers, into drumming and corresponding about same. Not a huge subset of the drumming community, I'll bet. Stereotypically, musicians and other artists are very sensitive and a volatile bunch, so things got pretty messy.

This lengthy harangue had folks bailing out enmasse as it wasn't much fun or educational, anymore. All this furor plus the need to move Djembe-L from the server at UW and I believe Steve's resultant disenchantment (he continues to post over on the Latin Percussion list, Bless his heart) led to Happy picking up the ball and moving the list over to (which then merged with egroups subsequently swallowed by Yahoo!) moderating it with the help of Bob Feuer (who has since retired) and Yours Truly.

Personalities continued to be disruptive to a smooth flow of information even in this new setting and a sister list was created by some of the disgruntled academic members that felt that their vision of Djembe-L was not being fulfilled. These truly fine scholarly folks named this new unmoderated list "Jembe" as this is a perhaps more accurate way of spelling the French word "Djembe" in English.

In an attempt to, at some level, rejoin the People of these and other spin-off lists I created the Djembe-L WebRing, where I make every effort to keep track of and provide subscription consoles (when available, see below) for the wide variety of hand drumming lists that have sprung up following this split. Many of us subscribe to a number of these lists and cross posting amongst them is quite common.

The Djembe-L WebRing has over 75 participants and is composed of list members from across the spectrum of the more than 93 hand drumming lists (as of 6AUG2K6, listed below) in the international hand drumming community with an additonal 19 or more listservs related to hand drumming. To see a list of the sights presently included on the WebRing you may visit here.

If you know of additional listservs that I need to include, please inform me.

ListServs Related to Hand Drumming

  • African Dance - NYC (New York City, New York)
    African Dance - NYC ARCHIVE
  • African_Music
    African_Music ARCHIVE
  • AfricanMusic
    African Music ARCHIVE
  • African Drum Building
    African Drum Building ARCHIVE
  • Ambiloop
    (Looping Freeware)
    Ambiloop ARCHIVE
  • Drum-Makers
    Drum-Makers ARCHIVE
  • DrumMakers
    DrumMakers ARCHIVE
  • DrumMaking
    DrumMaking ARCHIVE
  • Drum Traders
    Drum Traders ARCHIVE
  • Ecstatic Music
    Ecstatic Music ARCHIVE
  • IndigeneOrisa
    (Consecrated Bata related)
    IndigeneOrisa ARCHIVE
  • JunkMusic
    JunkMusic ARCHIVE
  • Luthier
    (Construction and Repair of All Instruments)
    Luthier ARCHIVE
  • Make Micro Music
    MakeMicroMusic ARCHIVE
  • OddMusic
    OddMusic ARCHIVE
  • Percussion Health
    Percussion-Health ARCHIVE
  • School Performers
    School Performers ARCHIVE
  • Tuning
    Tuning ARCHIVE
  • Wind Chime Construction
    (AKA Tubular Bells)
    Wind Chime Construction ARCHIVE

  • To join the Djembe-L WebRing there are a few requirements your site must meet before your site can be added:

    • You need to be a member of one or more of the above listservs.
    • Generally, our pages pertain to Hand Drumming in some way.
    • Sites on the Djembe-L WebRing are creative and/or informative!
    • If your site is still under major construction, please come join us when it's mostly finished, for what website is ever truly "finished"?
    • Our sites conform to minimum standards for decency, bear in mind this is a "G" rated webring and that drumming and rhythm are important for young folks as well.
    • Our sites do not contain any of the "-isms that make schisms", and promote good and failing in that do not favor harm in any way, shape, or form.

    If your site meets these basic requirements you will gladly be accepted into the Djembe-L WebRing.

    To Join the Djembe-L WebRing

    1. To submit a site for evaluation, use the WebRing.COM submission page .

    2. There you will need to create a username and password with the WebRing.COM folks, if you do not already have one.

    3. Please make certain to store your WebRing.COM username & password in a safe place, because you will need them in the future to edit your site information when it changes.  

    4. Add the "NavBar":
      a) Visit WebRing.COM management section .
      b) Click on your Site title you will be taken to a page where you can get navigation code via the "Get Navigation Code" link on the left hand side of the page.
      c) Insert the navigation code that is responsible for the Nav Bar display on your webpage into the HTML coding of the webpage you submitted. You may employ a simple word processor (like M$ Notepad) or HTML editor (like Arachnophilia freeware) to cut and paste this code provided, as per the instructions , into the coding of your webpage.
      d) Update your Internet Service Provider with your edited webpage including the navigation code.

    5. To become part of the ring the links or the "NavBar" need to be in place or the ring is broken, simple as that. Once this is accomplished by you I can move your site into the ring. Please Notify us when you feel that your site is ready for inspection and await notification of results (inclusion in the Djembe-L WebRing or explanation of reason for rejection).

    Notes and hints:

  • You can check to see what the SSNB stack looks like, or get your SSNB code, for a given URL by going to View Web Sites . This is especially important If you belong to more than one ring, for I found that the first two rings displayed from one line of "NAV BAR" code. When I submitted an application to a third webring, poof, only one ring. By returning to the "My Ring(s)" page and cut and pasting additional lines of code from the different "NAV BAR's" and experimenting I was able to get them all to display.

  • If your navbar does not show on your page and the site(s) is (are) active, then try the Order SSNB link to rebuild your navbar stack. You don't need to change the order, just click on apply changes. Then check that the navbar has rebuilt properly by using the View Stack link.

  • If you run into difficulty there is the WebRing.COM FAQ which outlines and details how to install the code on your webpage.

  • If you are still experiencing technical difficulty please Email WebRing.COM Feedback using their feedback form and if you would send me a copy of your comments (cut &paste into email) as well.

  • Your site can not join the ring unless you have inserted correctly the code fragment to the page you submitted And your site fits well in the ring in terms of content and design.

  • If for whatever reason the NavBar on a member's site is not functional or missing, it must be suspended from the WebRing to maintain integrity of the ring.

    If you later want to change the information you submitted: 

    WebRing.COM username:


    Forgot your password?

    Gallery from the pre-Yahoo buy out of WebRing.ORG , this didn't work out and now ownership/control has reverted to WebRing.COM . However, many of the changes applied during the Yahoo! occupation are still in force, including the "NavBar" which replaces the graphics in the Gallery .

  • If you will, E-mail the Djembe-L WebRing... 
    with your comments, questions, suggestions, etc.


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