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Reverend R Clark

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Drum!

The circle is cancelled until further notice.

It is my distinct pleasure to extend a warm and cordial invitation to one and all that wish to participate constructively in a consensus oriented Drum Circle here in Gainesville, FL, USA.

What we do:

Drumming Peace & Chanting Down BabbleOn. Our express intent is providing a rhythmic antidote to all forms of dread CacaPhoney that challenge us and our reality both outer and inner. This is not a requirement for participation because we are consensus oriented and operate on the "win-win_greatest good-greatest number" principle.

Where we meet:

The Kanapaha Veterans Memorial Park,    7400 SW 41st Place near the corner of SW 75th Street (AKA Tower Road), Gainesville, FL 32608, USA.

Here are links to Maps: Far Away --- Closer --- Even Closer --- You're Getting Warm --- Welcome

Here is a nifty interactive map
use scale to zoom,
click-drag to reposition.

Reading maps apparently isn't a skill that everyone holds, So here's my best attempt to date in giving directions in a thousand words or less. The parking lot at the Kanapaha Veterans Park is basically U shaped, from the Northeast corner of this lot looking due Northeast you may see a large field, a city block or more in there's a green roofed map stand; beyond this is a man-made stream that flows through a culvert; crossing this there is a circle of stones (the largest of which has a large spiral chiseled into it) to the right and to the left an eight foot square gazebo sort of thing that has a green roof, of the same material as the map stand. On said map stand there is a map which shows the gazebo and names it "Fort Walker." This is where we normally meet. However, sometimes folks are using this shelter so we set up to the South about a hundred yards or so in the shade of a large oak.

Yet Another Clue: Turning off of Tower Road heading East on SW 41st Place you will pass the parking lot on your left and about a block further you will reach, SW 71st Terrace, the first street you come to on your right. If you were to turn right and make a U-turn so that you are on 71st Terr. facing North you would be looking directly at the gazebo I am talking about way to the back of the park on the hill.

When we meet:

Prior to (or on) the Full Moon each month on a Saturday from "When you show up" PM (prone to fluctuation from One to Three in afternoon with median being Two PM as I feel it counter productive to stress out and rush to a Peace event) until Dusk when the park closes for the evening.

Hosted by:

Reverend R. Clark with the addition of several other ones of a like mind and hopefully your sweet self in Spirit alone or preferably Body and Spirit.

Thanks and Praises for Everything!

Drumming Peace, R

A rubbing of a Mayan/Aztec/Toltec frieze with reflections of setting sun through window over Altar...

Prayer of Many Voices

We pray in many voices, from many faiths, in many names, and from many traditions. We pray with heads covered, and with heads uncovered.
We pray with heads bowed, and we pray with faces raised. But in all of our diversity, we share much in our prayers.

We pray JOY,
Joy in our world,
Joy in our nations,
Joy in our communities,
Joy in our families,
And joy in ourselves.
Remind us of the joy that fills our lives and shapes our days, and call us to be creators and maintainers of joy for those around us.

We pray LOVE,
Love in our world
Love in our nations
Love in our communities
Love in our families
And love in ourselves.
We are profoundly grateful for the love we are given, and we know, humbly, that we ought to be givers of love in a world that cries out for love.

We pray PEACE
Peace in our families
Peace in our communities
Peace in our nations
Peace in our world
And peace in ourselves.
Let us never speak lightly of Peace, but remind us that what divides us is far less important than what unites us.

We are grateful for this time together, for the chance to break bread together, share our experiences & express our music and the opportunity to create new paradigms. Keep us mindful of all that we have been given, and help us always to share with those who are less fortunate than we are.

We ask this in the name of all the children of the divine.

" Reality is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one.

-Albert Einstein


'Drumsound rises on the air,its throb, my heart.
A voice inside the beat says,
" I know you're tired, but come. This is the way. " '

-Jelaluddin Rumi

If you wish you may join theYahoo Group serving the Drumming Peace Community.
Drumming Peace ARCHIVE

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A water crystal of water that was exposed to a word of Peace.Djembe Drum for PeaceA water crystal of water that was
exposed to a word of Peace.

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