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I wish to help.

I would love to custom build an instrument with you in mind. I specialize in "Win-Win situations" if this appeals to you perhaps we may strike a deal that suits us both.

If you wish I also most gratefully accept donations of materials or funds to continue my Ministry of Rhythm Healing and the many other good works I perform in this life.

I may be reached at:

"Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it."
- Publius Syrus. (42 B.C.; Maxim 847.)

My Fine Instruments command higher than average prices, and the quality of my work speaks for itself, I believe. I Love building these instruments and making them sing, check my Gallery of them, if you will!

However, if you must economize and wish to build your own drums I totally overstand your position, that's exactly how I got started.

Here are some general resouces to get you started.

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