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It seems that the time for these "Click Charities" has indeed arrived. What started out with I believe "The Hunger Site" has blossomed into full flower with the host of Web sights that I list below in no particular order...

Update: QuickDonations offers a more complete listing than you will find here, showing that my compiling this list was a good idea. I am pleased that they will maintain such a list so that I can get on with other humanitarian works.

With more traditional forms of donation to charity it seems we need to be careful, in all practicality, if donations are solicited then the organization at least "skims the cream before the milk gets delivered" to the folks in need and that is the best case scenario. It could be an out and out panhandling scam. Best to go with folks that are reputable like Samaritans Purse dot org is a kule one or check the USA Freedom Corps clearinghouse for trusted institutions.


Click Charities available:

THREE! clicks for the Rainforest

Race for the Rainforest
Race for the Rainforest
Save the


Slightly edited version of blurb to be found on
"Please, sign The Rainforest Site Petition, which will be delivered to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development this Fall 2000. The petition urges the UN to enforce the international community's political and legal commitments to protect the rainforests. All you have to do is click to sign up - and please remember to pass this e-mail along to all of your friends."

To feed folks:

Hunger Site
Hunger Site offers a five step strategy to charity. is looking to feed people in San Francisco and Washington, DC, USA, during the holidays. Each click feeds someone (up to 50,000 meals).

To support the American Red Cross

Save the "Big Cats"
Save the Big Cats

FreeDonation Links:
Donate Food To The Hungry
Donate Vaccines For Children
Donate To House The Homeless
Donate To Save The Environment
Donate For Education
Donate To The Arts
Donate To AIDS Research
Donate To Cancer Research

End Cancer Now
End Cancer Now

Click for the Cure (cancer research)
Click for the Cure for Cancer

End AIDS Now
End AIDS Now

The Humanitarian Site benefits Cross-Cultural Solutions.
Humanitarian Site

WeDid Click on one of the six links to donate the cause you choose. is the same idea only there is quite a list of available charities.

Refugee Relief benefits US Association for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
Refugee Relief

To help the Homeless this site permits you to click four different buttons/charities: two projects for World Land Trust (Create a Patagonian Coastal Reserve and Save the Amazon Basin Rain Forest), Nature Conservancy (Canada), Wilderness Land Trust (USA).
Save Rainforest. One click at a time

Aid for Teens
Aid for Teens

GreaterGood GreaterGood is another site you may want to check out.

Similar to Ebates Money Back Shopping.
except instead of send you the rebate check the money goes to a charity of your choice for buying things online.

Zeal Add sites to their directory (including yours, if you have one) and rate sites already there to earn money for a charity of your choice.

Buy a phone card from Time4change and a portion of 10-20% of the distributor proceeds go to charity everytime you use the card.

IGive Register and buy stuff online and a portion of the proceeds goes to homelessness or other charity of your choice.

Click-through for donations to Children's Hospitals across the U.S. and Canada.

If you wish to donate your time in your local area rather than clicks and/or money you might try . They have a kule search engine there, simply type in your Postal ZipCode and it will return some suggestions for Volunteer Work .

On the other hand if your contributions need to be online, where you spend a good portion of your time then perhaps getting an ADvert bar might appeal to you. ForMyCause.comô will donate to the charities you choose in exchange for you viewing their advertisements on the " MyBarô " application. Here is the description from their websight "MyBar is a free computer application developed by ForMyCause.comô that you can download and install on your computer. While you are online, you can use MyBar to navigate the Internet, view news and do your shopping. All of these activities can earn money for your favorite Cause. MyBar also brings you messages and updates from your Cause, and it shows ads tailored to your interests [they take a survey/profile] that earn money for your favorite Cause every minute that you are online."

Click Away, if you will, and
Save the World!

I hope this Helps, R

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