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Prana & Reich   By: Reverend R Clark <>

Greetings Adonea and ALL!

At 11:22 AM 10/26/2004, Adonea wrote:
In my understanding the energy Pranic Healing utilizes is that of the Creative Material Universe and the Earth. It is the first energy one receives Reiju for in Usui Teate' training. I received an empowerment to it and am familiar with it. Yes, it is very strong... and it is felt by most people because they relate to it, it is familiar to them, of the Material. Pranic energy is the energy (Ki/Qi, Vital Life Force) that animates all living things. One can draw it from the sunlight, air and ground if they know how. <snip>
  • I am not trained in the healing mode, from what folks are explaining on ART list, here, Pranic Healing seems to be a pretty complex modality not without peril. Intuitively, I've come to think that we store up and discharge energy all the time interacting with our environment. While too much of a good thing can be quite wonderful and often is, caution would have us seek balance. This feeling is bourne out by this explanation of "Overcharging" (energetically not price-wise <grin>).
Even Popeye didn't eat his spinach until he absolutely had to.
  • I am 20 years familiar with a method for gaining what I call Pranic energy that I would love to share.
  • I came into a basic over standing of cosmology and Prana from Ananda Marga Yoga - Sanskrit for "The Path of Bliss" where it was beautifully defined, from there a moderate study of Wilhelm Reich brought me to fullness on this different way of connecting to source for which I didn't find any web references. Bless it. O.K. I'm on my own, here, no crib notes, extemporaneous. I reckon when your shoes wear off you are just "back on your feet again," ay? <grin>
“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!”
- Jane Taylor (1806)
  • Reich called the energy "Orgone(s)" and noticed that they can be seen with the unaided eye by facing the sky in the morning with the sun at your back when the eye is focused about eighteen inches away from the face. We may see what appears to be little swirling "brightnesses," not seeming to be lights in my view, more like reflections of light on an almost shiny surface. Not so poetically, Orgones resemble peering into a can of worms with a flashlight in the reflections glinting from the surfaces of their bodies as they squirm about. Ish <makes a face>. (Mental note: need better verbal/written image for describing Orgones. <sheepish grin>)
“Perhaps the Egyptians chose the beetle as a god of creation, and not some more noble creature, because that lowly image hints at the possibility that transformation begins at the bottom level and attains the highest.”
- Normandi Ellis in Dreams of Isis

"A baby first laughs at the age of four weeks. By that time their eyes focus well enough to see you clearly."
  • Anyway, you get that Orgones Are Visible, Right? I find it most exciting to realize that we do not have to take Prana/Ki/Qi/Chi/Orgones on faith, it is there before our eyes all around us. Reich noticed these glints and playing with it he devised a plain tube a foot and a half long to help focus at the proper point, he called it the "Orgon-a-scope" or something similar. Playing further he placed a magnifying glass on his hollow reed before peering through it. He found surprisingly that the lens magnified and made the glints more discernable, sharper. On the basis of this he reasoned that any visual effect that can be magnified in such a manner must be objective and not subjective. Overview of Orgones and Reich here & more in depth coverage here.
“Borrowing the lens of a poet's sensibility, we see the world in a richer way - more familiar than we thought, and stranger than we knew, a world laced with wonder. Sometimes we need to be taught how and where to seek wonder, but it's always there, waiting, full of mystery and magic.”
- Diane Ackerman in Deep Play
  • A common description and experience of the mental state surrounding "passing out" is "seeing stars." I postulate that this borderline state between consiousness and unconsiousness is a profound one that sees into the process of the uptake of orgones. Perhaps it is indicative of the supporting nature of the universal energy such an intense starlike energy surge in an unlooked for effort to maintain consciousness. Just what I think.
“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, poet and philosopher (1803-1882)
  • News you can use if you so choose ...Pilgrim. How to access and amass energy in this non-religious method, involving no head-banging, no unpleasant bending, no symbols to learn, simple as Pi... just a little "hocus focus" thing goin' on <grin>:
  • Anytime of day, any where is fine, easiest is outdoors in the morning with the sun behind you and as much of the Western horizon available in your area. Focus your eyes eighteen inches away (tip: hold your hand at the proper point, focus, move hand, maintaining focus) looking at the sky and bring the Orgones into the best clarity you can.
“Music is in the air - you take as much of it as you need”
- Edward Elgar
  • Breathe them in or alternatively draw them in through your eyes, your Hara or other energy plexus as you see fit. See what you get after a moment or two and increase time as you feel to. Regardless of a one's energy level, I think you may find this practice immediately gratifying and in the advent of feeling drained it can surely be a JAH-send.
“The eye that sees nobility and beauty in what another would regard as ordinary is the eye of prayer.”
- Wendy Beckett, "The Gaze of Love"
  • We can and do also gain Prana through normal breathing and controlled breathing (Pranayama) primarily assimilated in the nasal passages on its way to the lungs where less subtle elements are absorbed and released. Also from our food and water in these cases much of this life force is assimilated in the mouth on its way to the gut also where less subtle elements are absorbed and released, so the frequent encouragement to chew our food well and savor each breath extends beyond the mere mixing of food and drink with saliva and getting O2 into the system respectively.
“Fear less, hope more;
eat less, chew more;
whine less, breathe more;
talk less, say more;
hate less, love more;
and all good things are yours.”
- Swedish proverb
  • Adonea also mentions sources of energy include Momma Earth and Daddy Sun. At the Solar Healing Center, Hira Ratan Manek (HRM), amongst others, have proven that a person can live just on solar energy for very long periods without eating any food.
  • I wonder what method is used for assuming energy from the ground?
  • Do you know what a little moonlight can do? <grin>
“Be more than food for the moon Be what you came here for.”
- Kathi Lawder

Whenever a person makes a statement like 'this is more powerful then that'... I consider this Spiritual Competition... <snip>
“A spiritual sensibility encourages us to see ourselves as part of the fundamental unity of all being. If the thrust of the market ethos has been to foster a competitive individualism, a major thrust of many traditional religious and spiritual sensibilities has been to help us see our connection with all other human beings.”
- Michael Lerner, "The Politics of Meaning"

“There is a mystic in every one of us, yearning to play again in the universe.”
- Matthew Fox, "Wrestling with the Prophets"

“How soon will you realize that the only thing you don't have is the direct experience that there's nothing you need that you don't have?”
- Ken Keyes, "Handbook to Higher Consciousness"

“May a good vision catch me May a benevolent vision take hold of me, and move me May a deep and full vision come over me, and burst open around me May a luminous vision inform me, enfold me.”
- David Abram, "Prayers for a Thousand Years," Elizabeth Roberts & Elias Amidon

“Where psychiatry and psychoanalysis have failed to resolve the dilemma of destructive human aggression, Reich's sex-economy succeeded. Where mechanistic biochemistry failed to elucidate the riddle of the origins of life, or of the cancer cell, Reich's bion experiments, and discovery of a specific life energy, has brought forth their solutions. While neither mechanistic science nor mystical philosophies have shed any light on the longstanding problems of sadism and warfare, or on the world-wide human fear and hatred of nature, Reich's work pinpoints their origins in specific traumatic, sex-negative social institutions which damage the young, and from which sadistic urges develop. Indeed, his sex-economic work has withstood the most rigorous cross-cultural testing, and explains the genesis of destructive human aggression and violence better and more completely than any other theory. Moreover, his work demonstrates the preventable nature of such violence, exposing its roots in our awful treatments of babies, children, and adolescents. My own geographical research extended his findings to show exactly when and where violent, patristic human societies first appeared on Earth, the exact conditions under which they arose, the means by which they spread, and from which their modern-day political expressions developed. Reich's complementary discovery of a specific life energy, the orgone, is likewise founded upon sound, verifiable experiments. Even his orgone accumulator, dismissed by know-nothings as a 'quack' appliance, turns out to be a potent therapeutic device, capable of beneficially stimulating the physiology of plants, animals, and people. The orgone, as a directly observable and measurable atmospheric energy, also plays a fundamental role in our weather, as proven by many experiments with the cloudbusting instrument, a device which has already been used to break many droughts, and bring rains to deserts. For many years I have researched and tested Reich's various discoveries, and found them to be sound, and worthy of our most serious considerations. He has laid the foundations for an entirely new functional science and world view, which has already borne significant and badly-needed fruits.”
- James DeMeo, Ph.D., April, 1987.

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